Study smarter,

not harder.

NCEA Eagle prepares you for exams the easy way.

Get Organised
NCEA Eagle helps you put together everything for exams in one place.
Improve Memory
Use the creative side of your brain to make unforgettable revision notes.
Practice Questions
Practice interactively on 450 of the most likely questions for this year's exam. Create perfect answers to the most likely exam questions.
Confidence for Exams
Look forward to your exams with confidence that you will get hight grades.

"Knowledge is created by the learner,
not given by the teacher"

  • Get organised and create a realistic plan of attack for each subject.
  • Develop revision notes in a process that makes them unforgettable.
  • Watch your knowledge grow on the templates provided.
  • Track progress as you create perfect answers to the most likely exam questions.
  • Practice interactively on 450 of the most likely questions in this year's exam.
  • Become confident that you will get high grades in your NCEA exams.

What is NCEA Eagle?

NCEA Eagle has been created by Otago University research scientists, graduates and teachers. It is the leading interactive revision tool directly tailored for the New Zealand NCEA external exams.

By understanding the big picture before focusing on the finer details, .Eagle students. feel confident about succeeding in their NCEA externals.

Firstly, get organised

  • Get the best resources.
  • Scan relevant exams, syllabus and answers.
  • Establish templates for knowledge.

Follow your plan

  • Create "living documents" called big picture views.
  • Develop your memory and thinking skills.
  • Reshape knowledge as your perfect answers.

Practice being perfect

  • Identify exact knowledge for higher grades.
  • Understand concepts and relationships needed
    to be discussed in answers.
  • Search for more likely questions that could be

Enjoy looking forward to your exams

  • Practice answering questions succinctly.
  • Identify likely mistakes and make them into a
  • Enjoy remembering perfect answers to the most
    likely questions.

An "Eagle Student"

  • Are realistic goal setters.
  • Through pre-exposure, take in 50% more in class.
  • Remember key terms, phrases, concepts and
    relationships needed in excellence answers.
  • Utilise the best resources in the most productive way.
  • Share creative ways to remember ideal answers to
    likely questions.
  • Study less, play more.
  • Look forward to NCEA exams.

NCEA Eagle will improve your
son or daughter's NCEA results

“Our promise to you is that NCEA Eagle will allow you to achieve substantially higher grades.
If you follow our system and you do not receive higher grades, contact us and we will refund your investment.”